Official Global Rules and Guidelines

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Official Global Rules and Guidelines

Post by Sean on Sat Jul 25, 2015 12:09 pm

Major Rules

1. Cyber Bullying: If you are here to cause any problems for users of any age,sex,gender or religion you will be Permanently IP Banned because its a major rule here.
2. Harassment: PMing people taunting and causing issues is counted as any sign of this on this forum you will be banned for a entire month.
3. Threats: Threatening members on this forum is just like Cyber bullying and will cause us to write down your IP address to give to authorities if any members have done anything horrible.
4. Hacking Threats: Threatening to hack this forum will cause us to write your Email,IP, and your posts to Authorities.
5. Advertising: We aren't a promotion forum anything with a hint of promotion will cause a ban no matter if its in a signature or PM form.
6. Screen Shots: If you are caught holding user screen shots you will be banned and reported to the authorities as this is against privacy laws.

Minor Rules

1. Back Seat Moderation: We request that all members leave moderation to the staff of this forum so don't warn members just report them.

Warnings and Consistences

All Users will get 1 and only 1 warning when told to do something if not the following will happen:
1st Warning: You will get a 1 day ban.
2nd Warning: You will get a 1 week ban.
3rd Warning: You will be permanently banned.

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